TAL Radio Interview OBA Executive Director

Our Executive Director, Jason Bergmann was interviewed by TAL radio recently to talk about what Operation Bootstrap Africa does for East Africa. TAL’s vision is to make this world a better place to live. They wish to make it a reality by spreading positivity and promoting kindness through the power of word.
If you would like to listen, Click Below

Nursing Students Thank You for Menstrual Care Kits!

Nursing Students Thank You for Menstrual Care Kits!

Naomi is a student at the School of Nursing. She, and her classmates want to thank everyone who helped provide them with reusable menstrual care kits. Watch the video below to hear her words. Feminine products are hard to come by, and they are so appreciated. Normally, the young women would likely miss out on school during their menstrual cycle, but these kits have given them the ability to be present in class and miss out on nothing. Thank you!



Madagascar Drought News Story

The pandemic, election and other current events have taken up the media’s gaze. While all of that was happening, hundreds of thousands of Malagasy citizens were experiencing a horrendous drought, the like of which they have never seen. FOCUS-France24 went to Madagascar to speak with local government, and the citizens in need. Watch the video below to learn more about their struggle, and what is being done to help them.

World Food Day!

Today is World Food Day!

The children at Olchoki Primary School were leaving school early because meals were not provided for them. Their test scores were low, and morale even lower. Now that the children at Olchoki fill their bellies at lunch, they stay in school all day, laugh, and play. Take a look at the video to watch their journey.

For a mere 14 cents a day, you could feed a hungry student in need. That $52.00 a year could change a child’s life forever.