A Letter From Olchoki Primary School

A Letter From Olchoki Primary School

Recently Janeth Shayo, teacher at Olchoki Primary School, reached out to us with a heartfelt message from the community. It was addressed to us, but we know that it was really you that helped students receive lunch at the school. Here is what she had to say:
“Hello OBA.
It’s my hope that you are all doing well there. On my side am very okay with my family too.
I am here on behalf of the parents, students, school committee and my fellow teachers of OLCHOKI Primary School to give our thanks giving for your kindness and big support in providing the lunch through out the first term. The children are really appreciate your love and great care. Nothing we can give back to you instead of prayer everyday
Please pass our Thanksgiving to all OBA’s including your family.
May God continue to bless you and keep you safe all the time.
Pass my regards to all OBA’s.
Thank you very much.”
As Janeth said, thank you so much for making a lunch program possible at Olchoki Primary School. Your generosity and dedication to bringing education to all is changing the lives of thousands of students each day.
-OBA Staff

TAL Radio Interview OBA Executive Director

Our Executive Director, Jason Bergmann was interviewed by TAL radio recently to talk about what Operation Bootstrap Africa does for East Africa. TAL’s vision is to make this world a better place to live. They wish to make it a reality by spreading positivity and promoting kindness through the power of word.
If you would like to listen, Click Below

“Water Needs” by Steven Lellelid

“Water Needs” by Steven Lellelid

For 16 years Steve worked to translate the Bible into the dialect of the Tandroy people of Madagascar. He is now working hard with OBA to ensure they have clean water, proper school and spiritual resources. Steve is keeping a record of his journey in Madagascar to drill wells in areas in dire need. This record is from last year, but he is still hard at work. Click HERE to read about his adventures along the way!