Discovery Tours with OBA


I have been having a tough time finding the words to fully describe this trip. Life changing.

Eva B.



I think that every sponsor should travel on at least one Discovery tour. It enhances the bonding between the sponsor and the student and often results in the sponsor reevaluating their life and their priorities.

David M.


I would highly encourage everyone to participate in this adventure with OBA

Michele W.


It was cool to travel with a group of experienced travelers. Much wisdom I learned. Much insight about the bigger world I consumed.

Dalton D.


Trip of A Lifetime

Visiting Tanzania is a life changing experience. You will definitely see amazing creatures big and small, but the relationships with the students and project partners are what will stay with you. This journey with OBA is filled with cultural experiences you will never forget.

OBA travels to Tanzania twice a year in order to visit our many projects and to attend the Form 4 and Form 6 graduation at the MaaSAE Girls’ Lutheran Secondary School. Late April/Early May is when the Form 6 graduation takes place and late October is when the Form 4 graduation takes place.

Travel Dates usually fall on: April 20th-May 5th & October 14th-31st

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To learn when our next Discovery Tour is, how much it will cost, or any other details, fill out the boxes to the right. Our staff will reach out to you with any answers you require. We are so excited to make this journey with you!


I would love to go on a Discovery Tour, but how much does it cost?

,Tours vary in price depending on the itinerary! Usually they cost $5,000-$7,500.

Is it safe?

Very much so! OBA has been traveling to Tanzania for nearly 60 years, and we have had no issues with safety. We love our travel team!

How long are the trips?

Discovery Tours are usually about 2 weeks long! Usually we spend one week visiting our programs and a week on safari. 

Will I need Vaccinations?

Yes. Vaccinations are required to travel to Tanzania. Consult your travel doctor for more information.

Can I still go if I have food allergies?

Yes! All of the places we stay accommodate a variety of food allergies. You will have access to food that is delicious and healthy for you.