On October 7th, Operation Bootstrap Africa received an email from our contact person in Madagascar. He had informed us that five of our student in Madagascar had died, and that there hadn’t been rain there in over a year. The photos he sent broke our hearts…

We knew we had to do something. The day after finding out, October 8th, we started planning a Lunch Program to be implemented at all 5 of our schools in Madagascar. We immediately sent the troubling news to the board of Directors, informing them that we planned to implement a lunch program as soon as possible.

On October 21st, we contacted our Board of Directors with the final plans for the lunch program. We held an emergency vote, and the board unanimously voted to approve.

The next day, the funds were sent to Madagascar. The supplies were purchased, and sent to the school.

The children have been fed. These are the first meals they have eaten in months. With your support this lunch program can go on throughout the drought, and ensure that the students are being fed at least once a day. 

Thank you.