It is with a very heavy heart that we share this Caring Bridge post.  Shortly after retiring from lifelong service as a Medical Missionary in Tanzania, Dr. Mark Jacobson was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
Over the course of their life in Africa, Mark and his loving wife Linda have touched thousands, perhaps millions with their mission.  In addition to those they healed in Africa, they also touched people from all over the world by hosting and empowering people to make a difference through their hospitals, clinics, and grass-root development projects.  Some of those who worked with Mark and Linda include some very talented doctors.  This provided him access to some of the best cancer treatments possible.  Although Mark hasn’t had much pain, the cancer has come back.
Mark and Linda have made such an incredible impact throughout Africa and specifically in Northern Tanzania.  After all, they have given to others, let us come together for them in love and prayer asking God to envelop them in peace and healing light.
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