International Day of Education

Today we celebrate the International Day of Education. Since 1965, Operation Bootstrap Africa has been dedicated to improving access to education in Africa and has helped build over 3,500 schools in Tanzania. The MaaSAE Girls Lutheran Secondary School is a prime example. It is a safe space for young tribal girls to seek further education, rather than being forced to a husband. This year, 65 young girls are starting Form 1 at MGLSS. What better way to celebrate the International Day of Education than to sponsor them through their education?
Click the link below to see all of our new Form 1 students, and learn more about them.
Send Your Student A Letter By December 17th

Send Your Student A Letter By December 17th

Hello OBA Family!

Only 6 days remain until we send all of our letters over to the students in Tanzania! There is still time to get your Christmas Cards and letters to the OBA office.

Address letters to:

5701 Kentucky Ave N

Suite 200

Minneapolis, MN 55428

Let’s make the holiday special for our girls!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful 4,109 times today! A thanks for each student that we have in Africa. Enjoy the holiday and stay safe everyone!

Congratulations Nursing Students!

Tanzania has gained 11 new nurses! Here are this year’s graduates from the ALMC School of Nursing. Your support has made this special day possible for them. Thank you to all of our donors for your continued support of the Nursing School!