Age: 17
Birthday: 9/8/2003

Hometown/ Village: QANG’DED-EYAS-KARATU

Maria went to Endamaghan Primary School.

She is from a family of hunters and gatherers. Her father is married to 2 wives, her mother being the eldest wife. Her father hunts small animals and her mother digs roots and collect fruits for food. Maria has 4 siblings from her mother, 3 girls and 1 boy. Maria is the eldest sibling. She was enrolled into primary school very late as she had to stay home to look after her younger siblings. Maria and her siblings live in hut with their father and step mother. She has 2 other siblings from the same father (half-siblings).

Maria’s favorite subject is Mathematics. She will like to be a Tour Guide in her future. Her favorite game is Netball.

At home Maria helps with cooking, fetching water and looking after her siblings.

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